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What’s Fair Isn’t Really Fair

By Kristin Shields

In case you did not see it, President Obama gave a speech on Monday in Northern Virginia introducing his “Community College to Career Fund” proposal, which would dedicate $8 billion to expand job training and certification at community colleges.

There is nothing shocking about the amount of criticism circulating the election-year rhetoric of the speech, given at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA. While the proposal seems noble in appearance, many Republicans are skeptical about the proposal, indicating a doubt that it is anything more than a campaign gimmick.

However, one thing really stood out to me in his speech and I decided to share it with you. At the beginning of the speech, Obama began talking about the ‘American promise’ of working hard and reaching your dreams. Take a look at this quote:

“We’ve got a choice:  We can settle for a country where a few people do really, really well, and everybody else struggles to get by.  Or we can restore an economy where everybody gets a fair shot, everybody does their fair share, everybody plays by the same set of rules — from Washington to Wall Street to Main Street.  That’s the America we believe in.”

We have here a perfect example of misleading political rhetoric. There is no question that there are countless examples of partisan rhetoric from all sides of the aisle. But this caught my attention when I was listening Monday morning because of its blatantly specious nature.

Although he has the correct definition of ‘fair’ – everyone plays by the same rules – Obama’s idea of fair is anything but fair. If he had his way, the American way of living would be transformed from the American dream to the socialist nightmare that exists in the European Union. Policies such as affirmative action, universal healthcare, and those that result in the redistribution of wealth, without creatin any new wealth and thereby punishing the rich for the sake of the poor, are examples of the exact opposite of playing by “the same set of rules.”

As a college student, it is difficult to afford school, even with a few small scholarships and in-state tuition. But falsely advertised attempts to even the playing field are making it even harder. Policies that mandate diversity or only provide benefits to minorities are anything but playing fair.

Do not let these false promises and blatantly specious words fool you. Nothing is fair about Obama’s ideas.


Click here for more information and analysis of Obama’s 2013 budget proposal by The Heritage Foundation.


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