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State of the State *Cheers*


Photo credit: The Baltimore Sun

It is quite a busy week for folks in Annapolis. Take it from me – I am a legislative assistant – the anxiety and excitement in the air is palpable, the streets are crowded every day, and there are a number of unfamiliar faces milling through the halls of the Senate and House buildings.


Beyond the normal craziness that is life in Annapolis, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee heard the same sex marriage bill on Tuesday. They will vote on it in the next couple of weeks. Also this week, Governor O’Malley gave his 6th annual State of the State address to a joint session of the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis at noon on Wednesday.

In the days leading up to the SOTS, many politicites came up with fabulous drinking games to play during the speech.  Shots every time O’Malley says “moving Maryland forward;” shots when he says “create jobs;” shots when he says “innovation;” shots when he talks about his awesome budget. The list goes on. Or, rather, the shot opportunities go on.

Aside from the fun and games, O’Malley’s speech discussed his plan for the next four years – and beyond – in Maryland. He beautifully disguised his poor economic policies and the countless hidden taxes and fees therein with rhetoric pertaining to innovation and moving forward (another round of drinks down the hatch). He gracefully masked the invasive policies that reduce civil liberties and demean individual freedoms. All in the name of “innovation” and “moving forward” (how about another that drink?)

The Governor also outlined his 15 Strategic Policy Goals for Maryland. From restoring the Chesapeake Bay to raising taxes on everything except inhaling, the Governor has let loose his gigantic agenda with its gigantic price for the legislators to eat up and then execute. So if the speech was not scary enough, just wait; its about to get worse…

But do not feel discouraged! Even a deep blue state has legislators and organizations, including Purple Elephant Politics, who really are working towards innovation and moving Maryland forward. And PEP has happy hour, too, in case you decide to ontinue that drinking game.


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