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Top 5 Reasons to Start Fundraising Early

So you want to run for office but you do not have a couple million lying around to fund your campaign. Trust us, you do not want to wait until last minute to come up with a plan for where it will come from. Check out the following list of reasons why you should start fundraising now. 1. Build Your Own Base (BYOB) . You can begin to generate a strong base of supporters and volunteers who will respond to your message - both with their time and their wallets. These are invaluable to a … [Read more...]

“This Is No Ordinary Election.” Romney Chooses Paul Ryan for V.P.

by Hillary Pennington Romney announced his V.P. selection this morning.  Congressman Paul Ryan will be joining Governor Romney on the Republican ticket in November.  May the speculation begin. Facebook and Twitter were a flitter this morning after the announcement.  Many, I believe were pleasantly surprised, seeing Ryan as an anti-establishment pick.  Are the powers that be finally realizing that the base of the Republican party wants a new voice? Paul Ryan, a congressman from … [Read more...]

“Doomsday Budget” My Donkey

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 1.49.23 PM

The buzz around my college campus is focused on one thing: a rumor that tuition will be raised by 15% in the next fiscal year. For those of us who are struggling to pay the already hefty cost of higher education amidst this incredibly trying financial time, this is anything but good news. While it is true that there may be an increase – very much to my chagrin – it is not the result of an alleged “doomsday” budget. The rumor being spread is that the General Assembly was unable to pass a … [Read more...]

The Political Divide: MDGOP Convention and Why We Support Nicolee Ambrose

Nicolee Ambrose for National Committee Woman

By Hillary Pennington This weekend in Solomon's Island, the Maryland Republican Party (MDGOP) will host it's annual Spring Convention.  More than 300 central committee members, party officials, and political junkies will descend on the Holiday Inn Convention Center for what's sure to be a convention that will not soon be forgotten. Why? Besides the fact that there are many things to discuss from pertinent changes to the bylaws to the election of delegates to the RNC convention, there is … [Read more...]

O’Malley, Miller, and Busch: Not So Good at the Game of Chess

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 1.55.39 PM

By Hillary Pennington Well, Maryland, the legislative session for 2012 has come to a close, and for the moment at least, your wallets are safe.  In fact, Maryland looks more like a red state then a blue.  They passed the budget, complete with cuts and barely any tax increases. Don't get too excited though.  It was all a product of a political power play gone awry, and it all went down in the final hours of Sine Die. Allow me to set the stage. First you have Governor O'Malley, who set out … [Read more...]

Primary Priorities

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is primary day! The day where excited citizens across the state of Maryland speak out in favor of the candidates with whom the identify the most. It is the day that everyone looks forward to in the spring time, their chance to exercise their constitutional freedom of speech on the most basic and fundamental level. Okay, maybe they aren't that excited, and maybe its not that big of a deal to a lot of people, but I think it should be. This year, we are voting for … [Read more...]

An Outsider’s View (no, really) of Romney’s Arbutus Visit

The view from my spot!

My s.o. and I drove to Arbutus to watch Mitt Romney speak today. It was apparent the Romney fire had struck as we were approaching the Dewey Lowman Post. We saw tons of cars parked on the side of various roads. I also spotted news reporters and of course, police cars stationed outside the Post and directing traffic. We were very lucky to find parking in a shopping center about a quarter of a mile away. Multiple Romney signs lined the streets as we walked to the building. As we were waiting in … [Read more...]

Horton Hears a Republican


By: Betsy Merena In this staunchly blue state where a select few areas (Baltimore City, Prince George’s County & Montgomery County) seem to speak for the rest of us, it can be hard to remain hopeful about where Maryland is heading, especially when you feel like your voice just isn’t heard.  But I think there is hope to be found… in the wise words of  Dr. Seuss, believe it or not. Call me crazy, but I see an almost infinite number of parallels between us Maryland Republicans and … [Read more...]

A Word to the Wise: We Are Not Snobs

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 10.10.07 AM

There has been a great deal of buzz lately regarding Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum’s accusation that Obama is a “snob” for encouraging all Americans to pursue higher education. Yeah, that sounds pretty bad. As a college student, I would not consider anyone who encourages higher education a snob. By the same token, I do not consider myself as any better than those who do not attend college. So these headlines caught my attention and I looked into what exactly happened … [Read more...]

Being a Student in Today’s Political World

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 10.03.13 AM

By Laura Vazquez As a residential student in my second year of university in a Baltimore-area college, you would think that I have finally figured myself out in terms of beliefs and political views, but in fact, I am still making the journey to do just that. I’ve read a few articles about how your college major may influence your political beliefs, but what about college itself? It seems like a very general question, considering that factors such as location, cost and population can all … [Read more...]

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